Outdoor Fun!


Some of our outdoor fun this week at Braidholm :couple::jack_o_lantern:x


The children had lots of fun outdoors today :couple:
We had fun playing a game of What’s the Time :alarm_clock:
Mr Wolf :wolf:.
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Friday fun in the sunshine enjoying some outdoor play with the children🌞
Enjoying physical activity with some balls :soccer:
rolling on the grass independently lead by the children themselves :slightly_smiling_face:
Plus singing in pairs / group work …row row row your boat :rowing_man:‍♂, Old Mac Donald had a farm :pig2::cow2::ram: and Jump little bunnies to finish off :rabbit::rabbit:.

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Having lots of fun in the sun today :sun_with_face:

Imaginations running wild
Some of the children had been on the look out :eyes::t_rex:for some dinosaurs that may have got away :rofl:


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