Dinosaur Activities


This week at playgroup we are having a dinosaur theme :t_rex::sauropod: .
With dinosaur arts & crafts, match/ sort colour developing the children’s recognition
and being little explorers searching for dinosaur bones in the sand :mag: learning lots of dinosaur facts as we play :sauropod::t_rex:.

This will all tie in with the sponsored dinosaur walk on Thursday the 6th June at 10.15am
all children and parents welcome to join us.
Hope to see you all :slightly_smiling_face:


This mornings dinosaur activities :sauropod::t_rex::mag:

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Dinosaur arts and crafts :t_rex::sauropod:

The children have been using different coloured paints to put their stamp on the dinosaur faces :+1:
With the use of dinosaur feet we have been printing making patterns onto different materials.
Lots of fun take a look at our pictures :t_rex: